Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lake Casitas

After our 25 mile drive to Lake Casitas they wouldn't let us in the water park because it was full, so we got creative. Next thing we knew, we were all in a boat. Zipping around the lake in a little motor boat with a smile little 3 year old and a relaxed Chris was wonderful. Connor quickly learned how to drive the boat and we enjoyed the scenery and beautiful day.

After our long day at the lake we ate dinner in Carpinteria at Zookers and I enjoyed a lovely fish dinner.

Connor loved it so much he wanted to take the fish head home.
We ended up running out of the restaurant with a screaming child.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

More summer fun...

August started off with lots of fun events. 1st dinner with the Paskin's, followed by a zoo date with Holly, Eli & Jaymsie, pool dates with Bella & Molly, swim lessons, an impromptu sleep over at the Fallon's, where Connor slept in a tent in Sam's room and finally another campfire at the beach.

Connor you have the life!

Connor thought he was so funny trying to kiss Molly.

Connor's swim instructor had Connor yell "Canon Ball" as he was jumping in the water but before the word ball made it out of his mouth he was already in. Still pretty darn cute.

Another beautiful evening at the beach. This week we were joined by Chris's brother Terry and his girlfriend Veronica. Connor could not get enough of Uncle Terry. Uncle Terry helped dig a big hole, and gave Connor many horsey rides down the beach. It was great to see Connor connecting with Uncle Terry.