Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pix from June

Connor, Reese and I had lunch at starbucks.

Connor and Reese at the Goleta library.
They were both absolute angels at story time then we stayed to do puzzles and read books.

Sunset cruise.

Looks at those amazing eyes.

Being sweet to Zuki.

Video games with Eli.

At Eli's pirate party.

At the PEP fundraiser.
Lots of fun.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Santa Barbara Wine Festival

This Saturday we attended the Santa Barbara Wine Festival at the Natural History Museum. It was a beautiful sunny afternoon for sipping wine under oak trees and tasting delicious foods from a wide assortment of local vendors. Here are a few of my favorites . . .

Deliciousness unknown

Oyster Shooters from
Brophy Bros Seafood Restaurant

Sangria by
The Berry Man

Pasta from Savoir Faire

Desserts by Bella Dolce

Even live music, it was a perfect afternoon.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Weekend 2010

Connor and I did our best to spoil Chris and show him that we think he's the best dad in the whole wide world. We let him sleep late, take naps, fed him delicious foods and showered him with kisses and hugs. We had beautiful weather this weekend so we spent both Saturday and Sunday morning at the club eating breakfast and splashing around the pool.

We took Chris to Arrigato, his favorite sushi restaurant.

Connor and I toasting to a happy father's day.
Connor felt pretty cool drinking water out of the sake glass.

Lots and lots of love!
Happy Father's day Chris.

Connor's Date with Reese

Wednesday Connor had a one on one date with Reese.
They were so cute together and had so much fun.
We started at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History and finished at the Mission rose gardens.

It started with a little touching hands.

Then moved on to holding hands.

Lookin' good.

Laughing hard.

Lunch break.

Blending in.

Working together.

Reese and Connor made a friend in the sandbox.

Playing smack the fly, they were actually pretty good.

Not sure if Reese was picking bees or flowers.

Cute pose.

They raced and raced until they couldn't race any more.
What a morning.