Monday, April 27, 2015

Connor's 8th Birthday

Connor started his birthday celebration on Friday with a special ice cream treat at school with his class.

Then a quick playdate at an old friends house the home to watch a movie and eat pizza per his request.

Saturday April 25 the real birthday, he started the day running a 5K charity race at UCSB with Dad. Good jobs boys.

Then a bowling party at Zodo's with his buddies.

Bowling and cupcakes were followed by hours in the arcade.

The cool cat.

They had such a good time. Connor was so happy. He told Dad and I that it was the best birthday ever and that we're the best parents ever! 

And Sunday after baseball was spent building Legos of course. 

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The story of the winning hit!

So proud of this guy!  Bottom of the 6th, its tied, man on 3rd, 1 out and Connor is up.  After two swings at the ball, Connor wacks one straight passed the pitcher, bringing in the winning run.  The crowd goes wild and the kids charge the field (Dad leading of course) to congratulate the hero's.  I couldn't be more excited for Connor....what an experience!  

I must say, this year is a very special year for me as its the first year Connor is really taking to baseball.  For example, we are not playing "throw and run" anymore but "catch" and he is hitting the ball regularly. Connor is actively engaged in the game.....playing smart, with good energy and learning...Such a fun time!  I hope he continues... :)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Random fun from the last few weeks.

A great time at the Jr. League Fundraiser.

Goofin at the photo booth.

A creepy drone following me on my run on More Mesa.

The beautiful More Mesa... a little dry but still pretty.

Connor and Katlyn getting to know each other.

A fun dinner catching up with old friends.

Connor and his classmate killing it on their restaurant project they did for math.

A super fun visit from Chris' college friend Brett and his fun family.
Our kids really hit it off.

Connor made the game winning hit that day!
Great job buddy!  

Friday, April 10, 2015

Simple Moments

I love this pic of Sammy and Jessy from Easter at the Strongs.
Such pretty little ladies.

One last Easter pic . . .  the Easter mommies.

Jessy painting in the sun with Jessy. 

She asked me to take this pic of her. 
I love the pose.

Playing around in Mom and Dad's bed before school one of the rare times when they are ready before me.

My beautiful sleeping angel. You really have the most beautiful face I have ever seen.

I love those lips, those cheeks, that nose... you are just perfect my little beauty.

Speaking of beauty . . .  Jillian stopped by with baby Stella. She is just precious. 

I am grateful for each of these simple moments. 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Spring Break Part II

Dad took the day off and while Jess was at school we took Connor for a nice 8 mile bike ride. 
We were pretty proud of the little guy.

The kids and I water marbled Easter Eggs. They came out pretty awesome! 

We had a lovely day at the beach. We took Connor's little buddy from school with us and they had a great time together. 
We were there for 4 hours and no one asked me to do ANYTHING! It was blissful. The 3 of them just played and played and played.

Heading out to hit the waves.

I should have taken a picture of the hole that Jess dug on her own, it was huge!
The above pic was just the beginning.

We had dinner at Uncle Terry's house followed by a game of basketball. 

Connor has been shooting lots of hoops in the driveway. 

And Easter Sunday at the Strong's new home. These two could not be any sweeter! 
I love you, my two snuggle monkeys.

She love big brother SO SO MUCH! 

Jess decorated her dress with stickers from the egg hunt.

Everyone cheering on their peeps in the 'Peeps Regatta'.  Such a fun way to end spring break.