Sunday, April 22, 2012

Connor's 5th birthday party

I cannot believe Connor is turning 5! Five is a milestone birthday. He has grown up so fast. Gone are the days of mommy: clipping him in his car seat, pushing him in a stroller, dressing him, feeding him, bathing him, rocking him or picking out his clothes. Connor is such a mature boy at 5.  Instead of Dr. Seuss we now read chapter books with stories of mystery and adventure, he picks out what he wants to wear, he writes his own thank you notes, uses a knife, puts together lego sets with hundreds of pieces all by himself, flosses his own teeth and the list goes on and on. I'm so proud of him for all the big kid things he can do and the sweet kid he is.

Veronica started babysitting for Connor when he was about 1&1/2 and she has been at all of his birthday parties since then. He must have thanked her for coming to his party about 100 times. Veronica is in school to become a teacher and our hope is that one day she'll be his teacher. 

Baby Jess had a good time watching all the people.

All the boys, Jack, Luke, Connor and the coolest of dudes Thatcher.

 Bella and Leila loved playing with baby Jess and baby Solie.

 Connor's party was animal themed. Here are Reese, Connor and Sam in their lady bug masks.

 Thank you Sarah for making sure we got a photo of the whole family. xoxo

 I love this picture of the kids because Thatcher has his mask on upside down and backwards but he didn't care he just proudly stood in front posing with the big kids.

 All the mommies showed up in stripes. Great minds think a like. 

 The lucky birthday boy getting some love from Reese and Sam.

Happy birthday Connor. We love you!!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fun in nature

We had beautiful spring weather in Santa Barbara this weekend. 
So we spent as much time outside as possible. 

 The rose gardens across from the mission are a favorite walking destination for me and baby Jess.

My walking date has a habit of falling asleep on me. 

 Connor asked me to take this picture of him on our Rattlesnake Canyon hike. 

Connor and I on the same hike.

 Look who fits in mom's hat already.

 Daddy and Jess enjoying the breeze on our beautiful Inspiration Point hike. 
Yes we did lots of hiking. It was great.

Connor pointing out something really cool I'm sure.

Lunch at the top of the world.
Jessy had her own version of lunch there too.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Family dinner date

Dad was in Boston all week for work so when he got back we went to a special family dinner. We went to Connor's favorite sushi place Arigato. It was Jessica's 1st time in a high chair at a restaurant and she did great. She happily sucked on the menu for the entire meal.

And happy 7 months Jessy girl. We love you.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Week 2012

 We had a wonderful Easter week. Connor dyed eggs at school, had an egg hunt at school and made lots of Easter crafts. We had our good friend Holley over for dinner on Thursday. Then on Saturday we attended the Easter egg hunt at the club followed by brunch at one of our favorite weekend restaurants. THEN the best part was going to Holley's annual Easter party on Sunday.

 But 1st a few pix of messy Jessy. I can't stop taking pictures of her while eating. This face it too cute.

 Connor was excited to have Holley over for dinner he insisted on sitting next to her because he said he hadn't seen her in a LONG time. After dinner we got cozy on couch and did some drawing and read a story.
 Holley and I showing off our art work.
On a side note Connor did choose mommy's picture over Holley's... not that it matters Holley ;) :)

Holley brought pink tulips which were the perfect center piece.


The coolest dude!

 Bella, Connor and Leila looking super cute in their Easter outfits.

 I didn't get a great pic of Jessy's dress but it was just darling. I love my little lady and my handsome boy.

 Maggie, TJ and Connor patiently waiting behind the yellow tape for the hunt to start.

We love seeing the Delio's at all the fun events at the club.

 Connor and his buddy Ryan from school.

Todd made this awesome watermelon bunny. 
Meredith made this crazy peep cake.

Thanks Holley for a wonderful time! 

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1st t-ball practice

Yesterday was a monumental day. Connor had his 1st t-ball practice. He did great and was such a happy little player.
At bat. 

 Running the bases. 

The boys learned to field a ball, run the bases, hit off the tee and to come in and take a knee, which I think is brilliant! I may start to have Connor take a knee when I think he is not listening to me at home. It was so much fun to watch Connor enjoy himself and I was proud of him for how well he listened to the coaches and really paid attention. 
Great job Connor!