Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Connor's 7th Birthday

Well this birthday happened a little differently than we planned. We planned on have a nice party with lots of friends on a Friday afternoon to celebrate the big 7th birthday. However Connor got in trouble at school and we had to cancel the party. 
(Connor if you are reading this as an adult you will thanks us) 
Anyway we still wanted to celebrate with the family and let Connor know how special he is to us! 
You are a one of a kind kid and we love you to pieces! 

The birthday boy started off the day with a yummy parfait. 

 We had a small celebration with his class . . .  just oranges and happy birthday.

Connor loved his Lego cake! Those are Lego candies that you can actually build with.

Jessy wishing big brother "happy buh buh, happy buh buh".

I just set everything up on the dining table so Connor would see it all when he got home from school. He tackled me with a huge hug when he saw it . . . he was over the moon.

These are from Grandma and Grandpa. He build these plus the 1200 piece set we got him all before baseball the next morning. WOW!!!!

Ronda and Todd called us in a pinch and asked us to pick up Thatcher from preschool . . . so I think Connor thinks he actually had a party ;) 
Thanks for being our one guest Thatch. XOXOXOX


The fun continued at baseball the following day.

Connor's team the Giants had their own game then we headed over to UCSB for a really special experience.

Their team should be called the monkeys because they are always monkeying around.

Coach Chris AKA Dad was in heaven.

The boys got to meat all the players then take the field with the Gouchos for our National Anthem.

Meeting his big buddy the pitcher.

Here is Connor with his big buddy. And because it was his birthday he was selected to throw out the 1st pitch. They announced him over the PA and wished him a happy birthday too. Then he actually won a shirt for cheering the loudest whenever the Gouchos struck out the other team. All and all I think he had a pretty great birthday.

Oh yeah and they gave him a ball. Lucky kid.