Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall in SB

Fall in SB means soccer games, pumpkin patch visits, Halloween parties, the SB international marathon and awesome weather.

Soccer season is coming to an end . . . here is Connor at his 3rd to last game of the season.

Scarecrows and pumpkins with little Jess; 
Connor refused to be in any photos that day as he was with his class and didn't want to miss anything big kid stuff.


Chris and I had a fantastic Sunday date in the funk zone.

Halloween party and trick or treating in the neighborhood next to ours with our awesome neighbors and made some new friends :)

I loved these little treats and may have to steal this idea for next year.


So proud of rock star Ronda for completing her 1st half marathon in support of theGSF!
I'm not a runner but I was happy to help man the booth with Sarah, Ellen and Victoria, and watch the runners come in. So proud of all of our friends who ran! It was pretty emotional seeing Bill and Gwendolyn come running in with Mike right by their side. You guys rock! And again I was left touched and inspired by this amazing group of people.

Yay  for Fall! 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Jessica 2 yrs 2 mnths

She is



just one of the girls


 (right after this photo she drew on the chair at the dentist office with a ballpoint pen)


(here is the little fairy with her best buddy Sophie from next door)

 Jessy you are also a very smart girl. You are very stubborn and will not talk to us yet but we know you can. You are a great communicator. You make up signs all the time and are very good at telling us what you want. We know you will talk when you are ready...until then we are happy to play your little games and keep you little :)
We love you Jessy girl! You are perfect! xoxox