Sunday, June 28, 2009

Another great weekend.

Friday Connor had his 1st corn on the cob. He loved it and I loved that it was not messy. Not one piece of corn ended up on the floor. Yay cob!

Saturday evening we went to Shoreline Cafe for dinner.
Isn't he beautiful.

I had been craving a pina colada for about 4 months and
yes it was worth the wait.

I love Connor kisses.


Watermelon at the beach. Connor's fave.

Had to get a picture of of the paddle boarder with his dog. So cute.

Sunday Night
We picnicked at the Mission with the Paskins and the Delios.
There was a very intense game of tee ball. Dad was very proud.

Bella getting in on the action.

Who needs a wine key when you have Reese around ;-)

Jack of all trades. Doctor Phil / Motorcycle guy / tennis player / juggler.
What doesn't this guy do?

Phil and Marina's 1st attendance at the Sunday night picnic . . . we're hoping for many more.

Cutie Reese!! Glad you're back!

Calling Samantha. "Where you at girl? Holla Back"

Bella made a new friend.

Batter Up! The moment dad will never forget.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day Weekend 09

Father's day weekend. Saturday night Connor got to stay up
and show Dad his painting skills. He's very advanced.

Very focused.

Climbed his 1st tree with a little help from Dad.

1st ice cream cone. Connor has had ice cream many many times.
But never his own cone to have and to hold until melting or falling do they part.

Eli have some, no really have some.
Here let me smuch it on your face. There you go :-)

We took a boat ride on the Lil' Toot with the Komaiko family.
Connor loved being on the boat. He was very excited.
Dad looks like he had fun too.

Look at me I'm on a boat.

Happy Father's Day Dad.
I love you!