Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October Pix

October was a fun filled month. I can't believe it's over and we're already heading into the holidays! Yipeee!!!!

Connor and I had a special paddling boarding date. 

This date was a sort of reward for all the good behavior lately! Keep it up dude! 

I love this view of SB. Can I say again how happy we are to call this place our home! 

Taking a break to throw some stones. 
happy boy = happy mommy

Jenny and I at the Painted Cabernet.
A super fun night at the painted cabernet to support our friend Elena who's running the SB International Marathon to raise funds and awareness for theGSF.

Chris looking strong on our hike in the SB hills.
Fit and 40! Congrats Chris on making a commitment to health, family and happiness this year.
Way to go!

A fabulous dinner in Marina's garden to celebrate Phil's birthday. 
I do not have many pix but it was amazing!

Bill and the ladies.

Baby Eleanora, so happy, so sweet, so cute.

Thatcher came with me to pick Connor up from school, which is always a treat for my kids! 

Jessy and I pacing the beach to see if we can see Connor in the water during his sailing lesson. 

Connor is on that boat but it's just too far for a good iPhone pic. 

And Halloween was a riot this year. Chris and Bill going the distance with their costumes this year.

The kids looking adorable. 

I love Jess' dancing cat pose. And Connor did his own makeup, very scary.

The mommies.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recent Pix

It's a busy busy happy happy life.

Connor's flag football team. The Chargers.

I love this view on our walks.

Sometimes you just have to eat breakfast on the counter.

Jess and I before we hit the ice at Gwendolyn's 7th birthday party. It was Frozen themed and so so much fun!

These cute bugs.

Connor getting comfortable on the ice. 

Jessy and Thatch ripping it up on their bikes on Sandpiper Lane :)

Eating popsicles choo choo train style.

Go Thatch! Go!

Jess just lights up when she see Thatch. They are best buddies. They actually look a like in this pic. 
2 cuties.

Solie being super sweet with baby Currin.

Paddle boarding date with Chris. Enjoying the SB life. 

Go Connor Go!!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

39 and feelin' fine!

39 must be the new 29 because I feel young, beautiful, fit, happy, healthy and very very grateful! 
It's a good good life.

Chris treated me to a wonderful afternoon of reconnecting, wine, shopping, more wine and good food.
Thank you love. It really was the perfect afternoon.

Then Sunday I spent the day with girlfriends paddling, lunching and hanging out.
Thank you ladies for joining me for my birthday paddle. So fun! I can't believe no one fell in... even when Ronda rammed Sarah. LOL

Not that it matters but I've lost 15 lbs this year. I guess Chris making us change our diet helped me too. 

Thank you all! 
Here is to a great year! 
Hopefully menopause doesn't hit quite yet. LOL

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Random pix from the past month

The last month has been so busy with Jess' starting school, Connor starting school, lots of beach days, Jess' birthday, playdates and activities. 

Family hikes out to the bluffs.  
(the bluffs are crispy crispy since we have not had rain in forever)

Friday Happy Hour at Sarah's. I love this pic because it shows how sweet Jess and Connor can be. She laid right on Connor to watch the movie.

Family beach day.

I love this pic.

And this one even though it's blurry. 

Jessy was a breeze to potty train. M&M incentives totally work. 

Introducing baby Rafa. Here are Connor and big sister Evita taking good care of him at less than a week old.

So sweet. And look at all that hair!!!

 Jess and mom using my new selfie stick. heeee heeee

Beach days with friends.

Hiking with Chris.

 Jess' 1st day of school. She did awesome. She was so happy and comfortable. It's like she's been going to school forever. Such a different experience than when Connor started preschool . . .

Got right in there and started playing with the other little ladies.

Connor had not started school yet so he was able to come and give Jess a proper send off. And as an added bonus he got to hang with Thatcher too.
It's so neat to see him as the big kid there. It was a very special morning.

Jess goes to school with Thatcher now and they have a really amazing bond. It's so special and sweet.

Connor and I came back a little early so we could have lunch at school with Jess for her 1st day. It was so much fun that I've been coming early to have lunch with her and her little buddies everyday.

1st it was Sammy and Connor's 2nd home . . . now it's Thatcher and Jess'. 
We love Good Shepherd!

 The next day it was Connor's 1st day of 2nd grade. He was so excited to start school that he got in the car super early . . . like 20 minutes before it was time to leave and asked if we could go then. 
So we did :)

Connor and Ellie on the 1st day of school.

Face painting in Kids Club.

 More beach fun....

Our little surfer girl.

Summer never really ends in SB.


Jess loves coming to drop this goofball off at school. 

 Adam and baby Eleanora

Miss G, Jess and Connor right before an intense game of freeze dance.

Jess loving a few minutes alone in the pool at Tammy's.

Top of the jungle gym. No big deal ;)

Big brother too! 
We are all very happy school is back in session. AMEN.