Saturday, July 30, 2011

Saturday Oh Saturday

The busy schedule of 4 year old Connor.

Connor started the day by goofing around. He ran into mom and dad's room with his bug hat on and dad's shoes. He thought he was pretty hilarious.

Then we met his new BFF's at the zoo for a play date. Connor adores my friend Chelsea's 2 kids Harper and Sutter. The 1st time he met Harper he was instantly in love with her. He was saying things like "I wish she was my mom, can she sleep over, I wish she lived with us", I told him we'll start off with a play date and see how it goes but that she probably would not become his mom. And the "big boy" Sutter is going into first grade and can do a lot of "big boy" things, like climb a tree, read all the signs at the zoo and throw a fake punch. Connor was quite impressed by all of this.

We also enjoyed a cool animatronic dinosaur show while at the zoo.

Then we took Connor kayaking for the 1st time. It was beautiful afternoon and so much fun.

Gorgeous views! This is why we live here!

This lucky boy got to see a seal or seal lion it was hard to tell playing in the water about 6 feet from his kayak. Unfortunately we didn't get a picture :(

Then we went for a nice walk by the beach to get some ice cream.
(Notice the matching shirts. Every weekend Connor asks dad if they can wear their tiger strip shirts together. It's so adorable to see how much he wants to be just like his daddy.)

Later Uncle Terri came by for a visit and the boys rode their bikes down to Arrigato (Connor's favorite restaurant and also the same restaurant Chris and I had our 1st dinner date at).

And off they go.
If only everyday could be that fun.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pool with friends

Today we spent the morning swimming with friends. I planned on swimming with Connor after his swim lesson but I forgot my suit, so I sat by the pool under the umbrella while he swam with friends. It really is so surreal to just sit back and watch the little guy go. He really is like a fish.

Connor and Bella enjoying their otter pops. These really take me back to childhood. I love that otter pops are still around.

Leila joined the fun too. She loves the pool, such a happy little swimmer.

Connor and his awesome swim instructor Kelsey. She's taught him so much & he just adores her.

Connor and Cal are old buddies and they have a blast splashing and diving together. 2 very happy boys.

It was great letting him have lunch by the pool with his friends. Lots of goofing and laughing, not so much looking at the camera.

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Connor’s fastball & an impromptu play date

The Fallons happened to be walking by when we were outside watching Connor learn to throw fastballs.  Dad is EXTREMELY excited about the aim and speed of our four year old’s ‘arm’.  And Connor is pretty pumped on himself as well.  Boys will be boys.

Connor’s Fastball

So the Todd, Lolli and the kids stopped by for an impromptu play date. Thatcher tried out every toy in our garage trying to be like the big kids. Connor showed off his pitching skills and rode Sam around on the back of his trike. Everyone took turns with everything and had a great time getting tuckered out just in time for bed.



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Connor's ER Visit

Connor had a little visit to the emergency room this past Sunday. He was complaining of stomach pain and was in tears begging to go see the doctor. He had an x-ray, an ultrasound, a blood test and a urine test. You can't tell from this 1st picture but he was pretty miserable and scared. Fortunately it turned out to be just a bit of constipation. Seeing him so scared and in pain was so sad but it made me feel thankful for his over all health. This experience reminds me to not take his health for granted. My heart goes out to all of the parents out there who may have a child with a serious illness.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Weekend

What a great 3 day weekend. We had an epic beach day on Saturday. We spent 7 hours at hammonds beach (Chris's favorite beach). Chris built a huge dinosaur sandcastle with Connor, which attracted lots of different friends throughout the day. Man do boys love to dig! They dug on and off all day, such great entertainment. Chris surfed twice that day and was a wee bit excited when Jack Johnson gave him a wave. Mommy got to hang out with the ladies. We took walks and relaxed, catching up on gossip and the latest hot reads, fashion and royals.

Jessy, Julie and Big Mama.

Later that day they killed the dino and made a slide for Thatcher. Digging trully is non stop fun for Connor.
We spent the next day at the beach too but no pictures :(


On the 4th we went to a BBQ at the Strong's house where we also celebrated Bill's birthday.

I love love this picture of Thatcher.

Happy 4th everyone.