Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Random iphone pix

 Goofing around at breakfast at La Place.

 Watching snoopy for a few minutes while mom and dad enjoy a cappuccino.

Random giant bike on the side of the freeway.

Jessica tearing apart my kitchen.

 Finally some sun so we can enjoy the garden.
So happy these 2 were playing nicely. 

Jessy girl you are growing so fast!!! 

Breakfast date with mom while C is at school.

Rockin out with Olivia and Sebastian.

Looking snazzy dude.

So fancy.

 Family date night at Loetje.

Friday, May 24, 2013

California part 2: visiting the family in Sacramento

We spent the last part of our trip to California at Grandma and Grandpa's house in Sac.

Playing in the pool is always the activity of choice at Grandma's. 

Jessica loves her little raft. We will definitely be packing this on our summer holidays.

It was so nice of Annemarie and Will to make the trip down from Washington to join our visit. Here we are at the farmers market picking up fresh veggies for dinner and flowers for Grandma :)

We are loving our Never Give Up tote bag! You can get your own here http://thegsf.org/shop.

The cousins enjoying a pre-dinner artichoke.

Grandpa joined us on our trip to check out the California State Capitol.

The capitol building.

We were able to take Connor into the Senate Chamber and the Assembly Chamber. It was an informative and fun experience. Makes me excited to take him to Washington DC someday.

Fun and interesting and not too long.

Date Night!!!
Chris and I went on a date night while Grandma and Grandpa watched the kids. 
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa. There is nothing better than leaving your kids with the people who love them most in the world next to us of course! 

We went into Old town Sac for dinner and drinks.
The Firehouse restaurant had amazing food and excellent service!!!!!

Jessy is always posing for the camera! 

We had a nice visit with Uncle Bobby and Great Granddad. They look a bit mad but really they are not they just never smile in pictures.

Just a walk in the park with Grandpa.

Jessica copying Connor per usual.

America! Living abroad has made us more patriotic. We love AMERICA! 

Connor and Chris both love trains so the railroad museum was a must see stop!

Back at Grandma's the kids played and played: board games, basketball, bubbles etc.

 Let me introduce baby Samantha Stone.

 Beautiful baby Samantha and her beautiful mama Andrea.

 A very late story time with Grandma . . . these 2 were SO SO tired.

 Snuggles with Grandma.

 I absolutely love this picture of Andrew and baby Samantha.

Annemarie AKA the baby whispers.

Grandpa playing Yahtzee with C and Natalie.

Jessy modeling her new dress from Grandma. Thank you Grandma!

Daddy doing a super man into the tubes . . . yes he made it!

The cousins . . . not everyone was happy to have their picture taken but at least they are all in the pic!

My super sassy Jessy.

 A little basketball . . .

Daddy and his girl :)

It was such a nice visit. We are thankful we got to see Most of the family. We missed Gracie, Katie and Stephen. Hope to see you all really soon. XOXOX