Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jr. Fire Fighters

Connor and his buddy Luke visiting Fire Station 14 in Goleta. The fire fighters there were so sweet to the boys. They gave them hats, sticker badges, explained the different parts and tool on the fire truck as well as let them both spray the hose. The boys were in heaven. 

Thank you Station 14 Fire Fighters!  

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Jessica's 4 month check up

There's my big girl. She had a successful and comical check up. So here is the good, the bad & the poopy.
The stats:
Height: 24 1/2"
Weight: 14.8 lbs
Head circumference: 17 1/2

Jessie is taking Zantac for her reflux and we will continue with this medicine until she seems like she's grown out of it. Jess is becoming a better eater but she still struggles. I wish it was easier for her :( poor little thing.
But she is gaining weight as you can tell from the above picture. My chubby cherub.
Jessica is a happy smiley sweet girl.

The bad news, that giant head is weighing her down. She hates tummy time and I think it's because her head is so big. Dr. Abbott says that she is developing a flat area on the back of her head and that like it or not she needs lots more tummy time. We need to try to reduce the amount of time she spends on her back.
Looks like we will be doing tummy time boot camp over here.

And finally the poopy. Jess was a bit constipated this morning and we saw her pushing pretty hard and then she seems relieved so we thought she was all done. Well as soon as I took her diaper off poop shot out and Dr. Abbott had to actually jump out of the way. And it just kept coming we were all laughing until I realized I had used my last diaper and only had one wipe left. Lets just say a box of tissue and a swaddle blanket saved the day.

And big brother Connor was there to help comfort her after her vaccinations. 1 oral and 3 shots. OUCH!

After some Tylenol and hugs she fell fast asleep.

Good job Jess and big thanks to big bro Connor.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happy 4 Month Birthday Baby Jess

Baby Jess is 4 months old today. She is getting so big and so smiley. Her neck is getting stronger, she is eating better and loves being out and about. She still hates the car and she is still not sleeping through the night. 
But she did get to have her 1st bath with her big brother.

Connor was very happy to have his baby sis in the bath until she scratched him.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mommy Work Party

A few weeks ago we had a fantastic 'Mommy Work Park'. We don't go into an office to work but we still work really hard, so we threw ourselves a 'work holiday party'. We reserved the Roosterfish room at Seagrass  restaurant for dinner and then headed to Savoy for more crazy holiday fun. A perfect way to celebrate another wonderful year raising our families together. 

Baby Jess modeling her 1st swimsuit.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Christmas Morning 2011

Christmas morning Dad made eggnog waffles and we watched the kids (AKA Connor open his and Jess' presents). It was great having Uncle Terry there too.

Connor got spoiled from Grandma, Santa & Mom and Dad. He was so happy with every present he got.

The thing he wanted most was a porcupine, go figure.

Dad had a blast setting up race tracks and playing cars with Connor. 
While Jess was a sweet quiet little angel. She even slept through the night on Christmas eve, her gift to us.

Christmas Eve 2011

This Christmas was extra special because it was baby Jess's 1st Christmas. We feel so blessed to have two beautiful healthy kids to celebrate the holidays. And look how Connor loves his little sister. 

Seriously SO CUTE.
Uncle Terry came over for Christmas eve dinner. Dad roasted a turkey and we made stuffing, butternut squash, cranberry sauce and spinach salad. 
Then Connor wrote his letter to Santa and made special cookies to leave for him...which mom ate before going to bed.
Look at the ears on our little Jessica .... looks like she could just fly away. LOL

Uncle Terry did a very special reading of 'Thidwick the Big Hearted Moose' by Dr. Seuss. Chris and Terry's grandmother who past away a few years ago read this book to them every Christmas when they were kids. Chris teared up right away when Terry showed him the book. It was such a thoughtful gift. 
Thank you Uncle Terry.

After the little ones went to bed we stayed up watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (a tradition for Chris and I) and Chris and Terry set up the Christmas train under the tree. 

And filled the train cars with candy which Connor ate for breakfast. 

Oh Christmas tree how I love thee.