Friday, March 30, 2012

Mid March Pix

March is turning out to be a fun filled month. 
These pix are in no particular order. 

Spring is here with sunshine and giant sun flowers.
Climbing trees like leopards . . . with buddy Luke.  

 Happy birthday boy with his amazing T-Rex cake.
Mommy and princess Jess.

The Paskin's invited us to join them at the Jr. League Literacy Gala. We had so much fun and for a good cause. This is the second year in a row that Mike and Sarah have generously hosted us. Thank you Mike and Sarah for a great evening!!!

Getting dolled up for the gala.

Beautiful girlfriends Marina AKA Yummy Mummy and Holley AKA Southern Bell.

 I love getting dressed up with Chris. He is a man with style.

Baby date with Solie.  
 Another great park date with the Schermans.

 Sibling love. XOXOX
 Jess practicing feeding herself, not really but cute ;)
 Connor and Bella fishing for tadpoles at the natural history museum. 
 Jess eating 'Rice Rusks'. She really loves these and actually does feed herself. 
And here is Jess in the big girl stroller. It's a new world looking around and she loves it!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Last Week

 Connor made me a lovely flower and homemade play-dough in his 'Kitchen Science' class that he attends one afternoon a week at the natural history museum. They've made all kinds of cool things including, their own soda, volcanoes, dye, mini iceberg, marshmallow monster, elephant toothpaste and other weird but fun things.

 Getting geared up for Easter. Connor is making muffin cupcakes. Really just blueberry muffins with a bit of cream cheese frosting. 

 Jess just hung out and watched from the bar.
 Connor's little master pieces. 
For the 1st several months of Jess' life bed time was a little tough. It was had to have everyone together for a story because of different schedules or just fussiness. But now it's a whole new world! Jess will happily sit with dad and Connor for a bedtime story.

Jess rode in the shopping cart for the 1st time. She was a little wobbly but very happy to be sitting up like a big girl looking around at all the action.

Here she is with Gwendolyn getting some 'G Love'.

And then from Victoria. And look how little Jess is sucking her thumb. It's the cutest darn thing.
Friday night dinner with friends. 
A good week.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Daddy's Girl

Daddy and Jess just hanging out on a rainy Saturday afternoon. 

Look at that smile. She just kills me.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Jess' 6 Month Check Up

Weight 16lbs 14ozs = 75% 

Head Circumference 18 1/2 = 97% 
We all joke that she has a big head like dad. However Dr. Abbott was actually concerned because the growth of her head is more rapid than he expected. He said it's a bit of a red flag, that there may be to much fluid on her brain, normally the fluid drains down the spinal column but that there could be a constriction. So we are taking baby Jess in for a ultrasound of her head. They will look into the soft spot in her skull. I'm not exactly sure what they will see but Dr. Abbott said he will call me as soon as he has the results.
Grandma says that the doctors said the same thing about Chris when he was a baby and they never did anything about it. And Chris is fine. I'm sure this is all just a precaution but it does make my heart heavy. Either way Jessica you will be fine. You are a strong little baby!

Height 25 3/4" = 50%

Jessie got a slew of vaccinations and she barely made a peep. She was so stoic. She shed one solitary tear and looked at us with disbelief that it not only happened but happened 3 times :(

This was her after 3 shots. Such a tough girl.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The week in pictures

Baby Jess having some carrots! Yeah. She's starting to eat solids! 

 New wall decor in Jess' room (AKA the closet) .

Shared a popsicle with mama.

 The girls came over for a visit and Leila had just gotten up from a nap and she was so cute with her crazy hair!
 Leila is a very lovey cuddly girl. She came over to Sarah to sit on her lap and Jack was not going to miss out on that action.
 Future baby sitter Bella.

Then Sarah worked her tickle magic on Jack and Leila.

Reese stayed the night. Connor was so excited to have a friend sleep over. They had a great time except for a few instances of Connor getting a little territorial. They even got up in the morning and played for a while before coming in to ask for breakfast. If Reese had not been here Connor would have come in right away. It was nice to get an extra 1/2 hr of rest. 

They had a lot of fun being silly at dinner.

Lego mania has struck our little Connor. He is obsessed! And pretty darn good at building these 300 piece contraptions. 

Jessie can now sit up at the bar and watch us cook dinner. It makes life much easier for Mom and Dad. Connor colors and keeps her entertained. It's one of the ways he earns stars to put on his behavior chart which he need to fill in order to get new legos. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Brother and Sister

 Here is Jess at almost 6 months and Connor at 6 months. They look very different to me...