Thursday, May 28, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend at Left Hand Ranch

What a super duper terrific weekend at Left Hand Ranch.

Mike organized an amazing boys night complete with batting practice, s'mores, motor bikes, swimming, grilled steaks  . . .  the works! Seriously lucky little dudes. 

Cute little men.


The following day the ladies joined the fun and boy did we have fun!

the batting beauties ;)
Sarah is quite the ripper! 

I did pretty good myself. 
I had not swung a bat in many many years and it was so much fun! 
Looks like I will be joining the boys at the batting cages soon. 

Thatcher gets cuter and cuter every minute. 

Jess loved jumping off the rock a million time.

Happy kiddos.

 Chris' famous super man dive.

Chow'n down.

crispy red cheeks

We made a visit to the mini long horns down the road.

Country road take me home . . . .  

back at the pool

and some very tired and happy munchkins. 
The End.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

What Makes Mommy Happy

Taking the kids to the pool. They got along so well this afternoon and enjoyed swimming together and sitting in the sun and having a snack after. It was such a peace afternoon. It makes me really excited for summer and spending lots of time at the pool and the beach! Happy kids make for a happy mommy.

 Getting a morning run in on Goleta beach alone was also something that made me very happy this week. I had the place almost entirely to myself! It was perfect weather and I enjoyed some old school Bon Jovi while I ran, it was great!

Like I said all to myself.

happy feet

The next day I walked out to the bluffs to see if the oil spill had made it's way down to Goleta but it seems it has not. Phew.

And a spontaneous brunch with the girl who makes me feel lucky to be a mom everyday! Everyone knows I do not love the baby stage. I found it very difficult with both my children. But 3 is a very magical age! I love they way her mind works, how sweet her little voice is and how joyful and kind her heart is.

It's a terrible shot but watching Connor sing at Hollister Elementary School's Family Festival also made me a very very happy Mommy! 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend

Thank you to my sweet sweet family for making me feel special and loved on Mother's Day.

 Thursday we kicked off Mother's Day with a very special celebration at Jess' school.

Ronda and I got to share our special celebration together :)

Then sleeping in late and waking up to breakfast in bed and opening gifts was a very nice start to a wonderful day.

The people that make me a mom. 

I took an hour to myself and went on a beautiful walk around Hope Ranch. This property in particular made me feel like I was strolling around a village in Provence  France. 

Then Chris and I left the kids with a sitter and spent the afternoon sipping cocktails by the sea. 

I was a happy mother indeed. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

A visit with Grandma and a quick trip to Vegas.

Grandma came down and spent a week with us in SB. It was so wonderful having her here. The kids got lots and lots of extra attention and love!  

They played piano . . .

built blocks, did puzzles, played baseball, watched movies and lots more fun things.
Grandma even let Chris and I get away for a few nights! Thank you Grandma!!!

Eating pizza and watching movies :)

A night out in Las Vegas.

Batting practice with Grandma! 

Enjoying a snack in the sunshine.

The Delano Hotel was very cool. I loved the decor! 

The pool was pretty neat too.

and back at home Grandma was doing a wonderful job spoiling the kids with love!

Jessy using the bases as accessories.

Grandma took Connor to his baseball game where he caught a pop fly! Good job Connor.

Goofing around.

Last night in Vegas.

Reading stories together in Mom and Dads bed. Cozy cozy :)

Grandma visiting Jess' school.
Thanks for spending the week with us and for all your help around the house and with the kids! 
We love you Grandma!