Thursday, October 16, 2014

Recent Pix

It's a busy busy happy happy life.

Connor's flag football team. The Chargers.

I love this view on our walks.

Sometimes you just have to eat breakfast on the counter.

Jess and I before we hit the ice at Gwendolyn's 7th birthday party. It was Frozen themed and so so much fun!

These cute bugs.

Connor getting comfortable on the ice. 

Jessy and Thatch ripping it up on their bikes on Sandpiper Lane :)

Eating popsicles choo choo train style.

Go Thatch! Go!

Jess just lights up when she see Thatch. They are best buddies. They actually look a like in this pic. 
2 cuties.

Solie being super sweet with baby Currin.

Paddle boarding date with Chris. Enjoying the SB life. 

Go Connor Go!!!!