Monday, December 27, 2010

This year we . . .

ditched the diapers
started preschool again
took Connor to his 1st movie Oceans
took a spa weekend sans child (thank you Fallons)
celebrated Connor's 3rd birthday
did a small kitchen renovation
taught Connor to swim
took amazing vacations to Hawaii & Europe
roasted marshmallows on the beach at sunset
went whale watching
found a good home for Zuki :(
had lots of playdates
spent lots of time at the beach
joined a book club
spent a lot of time at Cathedral Oaks
celebrated our 6 year wedding anniversary
enjoyed lots of good food
gained some weight (hello new years resolution)

What I love about Christmas

1st I love getting all those great Christmas cards, each one has a wonderful family photo on it. I love seeing all those happy smiling faces every time I open an envelope and every time I walk up my stairs. Merry Christmas to you all. xoxox

I love decorating for Christmas. I'm a little crazy about it. I seriously think about it all year and I'm usually the 1st one to have my tree, last year I got it the day before Thanksgiving. Crazy right?! And I fancy myself a Christmas tree connoisseur. We've tried all kinds and I have to say so far my favorite is the Nordman Fir it has strong branches for my many heavy ornaments and does not drop needles. It's a perfect tree.

What I love most about Christmas is Connor! This year Connor is 3 and a half and he makes Christmas so much fun. We took a trolley tour of lights, went to the Christmas parade, met Santa for the 1st time, wrote Santa a letter for the 1st time, helped make xmas cookies and of course eat them. He made a card to leave for Santa with his cookies, wore antlers, memorized Christmas songs, ate candy canes, counted down with an advent calendar, listened for reindeer and sleigh bells.
I love the holidays!

I love the antlers Connor. I could just eat you right up, you're too cute!

Another thing I love about the holidays is making yummy treats cappuccino fudge with a crushed candy cane topping, chocolate cake with a ganache topping and of course cookies for Santa.

Daddy and Connor made awesome cookies. Chris you are my Cookie Man! Love you.

Over the years my DH has become quite useful around the kitchen. So much so that just about every time he cooks or bakes anything he wants me to come in and photograph the action.

Looking good darling! I'm glad you can't tell you are cooking in your boxers. Ha.

Chris is making Eggs Florentine Casserole
, he substituted breakfast sausage for the goetta.
It was delicious!

And of course watching Connor excitedly open presents on Christmas morning will never get old.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

6 years ago today

I married the man of my dreams. "I know I am lucky to have married such a good man who loves me unconditionally. He makes me a better person. We have learned so much about ourselves and each other while on this journey together. And it's a journey that will last forever. " author unknown

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Trolley Tour of Lights 2010


I tried and I tried and finally I got my shot.

My own holiday 'Bokeh'.

The definition of Boken from

Main Entry: bokeh
Definition: a Japanese term for the subjective aesthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photographic image

Inspired by several posts on my favorite site

The Pioneer Woman

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Phil and Beth's Holiday Party

A few weeks ago we called our faithful superstar babysitter Veronica to come and have a sleep over with Connor. He was thrilled! They went downtown to see Christmas lights, ate dinner at CPK and watched a movie, the next day Veronica took Connor to the Zoo for the annual snow day. While they were beyond busy Chris and I headed to L.A. to attend an holiday house warming party and spend the night. Chris and Phil are true BFFs Phil even gave a wonderful speech at our 5 year anniversary party. Beth is a kind, friendly & wonderful hostess. We enjoyed every minute of our visit!

Thank you Phil and Beth for a great night!

Connor and Veronica at the zoo.

Sleding in SB?!

Snowball fight anyone?

Best buddies.

Connor this week is

(this picture is from a month ago but its a good cooking pic.)

helping mommy in the kitchen a lot

addicted to his new leapster2 (video game from Santa)

picking up his toys without being asked

playing with imaginary friends

obsessed with dinosaurs

very cuddly

afraid of the dark

enjoying the rain

A slave to fashion

Connor is finally learning to put his own shoes on. All of his little friends at preschool can put their own shoes on but Connor could not. I believe this is because I never caved into the hideous crocs trend. Almost every single one of his peers has a pair of crocs. I know that crocs are easy for kids to put on by themselves. BUT I was a slave to fashion and made Connor wear cute plaid boat shoes that were even hard for Chris and I to jam his little tootsies in. And the poor kid has sweaty feet more often than not because I hate the way socks look with shorts. YUCK! And in Santa Barbara he wears shorts more than half the year. Also I'm partial to the adorable look of khakis or jeans rolled up a bit with the ankles exposed like he is headed to the beach or for a sail, yet another look that doesn't work with socks. Well finally winter & the rain have arrived in Santa Barbara and there are a few days were he can wear rain boots or just boots. Connor is very happy to put on his own boots and Chris and I are very proud of him.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Connor meets Santa for the 1st time.

Santa came to Cathedral Oaks to meet all the good boys and girls. Connor was very excited to meet Santa and was not afraid to sit on his lap and have a chat. The lucky boy even got an early Christmas present from Santa.