Friday, March 14, 2008

1st Emergency Room Visit

Well Connor tried to give us a heart attack by plunging head first off our bed; which by the way is about 3 feet high. He landed smack on his head and face neck snapping back on the wood floor. You can imagine the thoughts going through my head: his neck must be broken, he will have brain damage, his spine must be broken. I scooped him up and drove straight to the emergency room (I'm sure it won't be the last trip we take there.)
He is such a brave little guy. He cried for about 40 minutes before he started to perk up and was pointing at everyone and everything. The doctor examined him and said he looked good but that we could do a CT scan for peace of mind. We attempted to put him to sleep with a bottle: didn't work. He would not hold still for the scan so we decided to wait him out and see if he'd fall asleep.
If you've ever been to the emergency room you know how loud and exciting it can be. There was no way he was falling asleep there. We attempted to give him a baby sedative but he rejected it down Mom's back and all over the floor. Shortly after that we decided he was acting pretty normal and the dr. gave us the okay to take him home. We woke him up through out the night to check him. He was okay. He does have a few minor abrasions on his face but you can hardly see them. There's no permanent damage except to Mom's heart.

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