Sunday, April 6, 2008

Last weekend I visited my Grandparents, Great Grandparents, Great Uncle Bobby, Uncle Matthew, Auntie Andrea and cousin Natalie (isn't she pretty!). I even got to see my dad's highschool friend, Sam and his family. It was fun, although I was very clingy to my dad. I wouldn't let him do anything unless I was there. If he let me be alone for just one second I cried as hard I could and he would come back. :-) A little magic weapon us babies have. As you can see I'm in every picture my Dad's in. Dad got a little annoyed, but I think he enjoyed it because we bonded.

The 3 Greats let me play there piano. I love the piano so much! I think its something I would like to do as I get older. I just feel comfortable banging on the keys. Check out my first recording below. I think you will enjoy it!


Sorry I didn't let you hold me Grandma! When you come to visit me in Santa Barbara I will. :-) Grandma and Grandpa thanks for letting us stay at your house! We had a great time!

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