Friday, February 13, 2009


Connor had his 1st full on screaming & kicking tantrum in a store. Yesterday morning we went to target and I was getting Connor a new train. He wanted to open it in the store. I told him we have to pay 1st. So he proceeded to say "Pay Pay Pay" one million times, maybe more. This escalates to screaming bloody murder & kicking his legs in the cart. Mind you I could not open this train if I wanted to, you know the triple layer, bank vault grade plastic that they put toys in these days. You need a chain saw to get it open. There was really nothing I could do at the time & we drove all the way to venture & I was not about to walk out of that store. But Target is full of mom's. I can not tell you how many mothers came over to me to say things like "That was my daughter about 5 minutes ago in the car or that was my son yesterday in the grocery store". It just goes to show you we all get it. So next time your little angel decides to serenade the entire store with screaming just know most people really don't care, at least not a store full of moms.

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