Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Party Playdate

These kids are too funny!

Reese playing a little hoops.

Connor getting out the surfboard.

Everyone got in on the surfin action.

The last few times Reese has been over she has taken an interest in the trains.
She even does a mean "chooo chooo".
Connor is delighted to have a train pal.

Feeding monkey baby.

Crawling like spiders.

Watching TV with big bunny.

Good sharing ladies.

Lollipop cheers.

And finally my dinner date. Last night was the 1st time Connor sat in a big chair and had dinner with me. We do this all the time when Chris is home but when it's just the two of us Connor usually eats in his high chair, while I cook and clean the kitchen. This was our 1st big boy and mommy dinner date. It felt like a big milestone.

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