Sunday, December 19, 2010

A slave to fashion

Connor is finally learning to put his own shoes on. All of his little friends at preschool can put their own shoes on but Connor could not. I believe this is because I never caved into the hideous crocs trend. Almost every single one of his peers has a pair of crocs. I know that crocs are easy for kids to put on by themselves. BUT I was a slave to fashion and made Connor wear cute plaid boat shoes that were even hard for Chris and I to jam his little tootsies in. And the poor kid has sweaty feet more often than not because I hate the way socks look with shorts. YUCK! And in Santa Barbara he wears shorts more than half the year. Also I'm partial to the adorable look of khakis or jeans rolled up a bit with the ankles exposed like he is headed to the beach or for a sail, yet another look that doesn't work with socks. Well finally winter & the rain have arrived in Santa Barbara and there are a few days were he can wear rain boots or just boots. Connor is very happy to put on his own boots and Chris and I are very proud of him.


  1. yay for saying no to crocs! i have always loved that fashion plate child of yours. so what if it stunted his ability to put on his own shoes. there is a price to pay for fashion -- and it's worth it. ; ) xoh

  2. Thanks Hols. I was a little worried about coming off like a bad mom :)


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