Saturday, January 2, 2010

Double the trouble and double the fun.

We took Connor and Samantha to OstrichLand in Buellton to feed the ostriches and emus. These big birds are a rare and unique sight in this part of the world and it was really fun to see them. They are very strange and beautiful birds. Connor and Sam were so good in the car and both loved singing along to Mary had a little lamb.

Sam may look scared in this picture but she was not at all. She kept putting her hand right in the food bowl and these guys are aggressive eaters, but she did not care.
She loved the big crazy birds.

Connor loved the Ostriches too. He kept yelling "HI OSTRICHES"! and trying to pet them but they move way to fast.

These 2 raced back and forth about a million times and had the best time.

Then we went to Solvang and visited the cutest little mini horses at the Quicksilver Ranch. Connor and Samantha had such a great time together, it made Chris and I so happy to see the two of them really enjoying themselves.

Samantha tricked these 3 into thinking she had food for them
because she kept filling her empty snack bowl with rocks.

Big Hugs.

one, two, three, JUMP!

After nap we went to Sarah and Reese's for a playdate and belated xmas gift exchange.
The kids had a great time opening presents and eating lollipops.
While us mommies said a sad good by for now to Miss Sarah and little Reese who are leaving us for the entire month of January :-( boooo hoooo We will miss you girls.

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  1. I love these pictures! Samantha and Connor are adorable together!


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