Wednesday, March 10, 2010

This week

Sunday night we took Samantha for the night because Ronda was scheduled to go to the hospital to deliver baby Thatcher. So we had a little sleep over. Connor and Sam slept in the same bed. We brushed teeth got in pjs and read a story. Both of them were really tired after staying up late for an Oscar party we attended. They fell asleep pretty quickly. We watched them on the monitor until they both were asleep. Sam fell asleep 1st and for about 10 minutes Connor kept looking over to make sure she was still there until he conked out himself. It was very cute.

In the morning they decided to throw everything off the bed, they had a great time.
We can't wait to have Sam for a sleep over again.

Here is Connor helping Dad hang our old kitchen cabinets in the garage. Really Chris hung all the cabinets all by himself. I was super impressed with my handy man.
He did not drop one "F bomb".

Here is the latest kitchen update. The range hood is in, the shelves are up and it's looking pretty good. Now we wait for the cabinets and do some finishing touches.

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