Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A week in pictures

So many fun things...

Playing in the creek at Steven's park. A perfect summer afternoon adventure / time killer.

Pillow fight on mommy's bed.

Just cute.

Samantha dressed in Connor's clothes and being carried out like a baby.
Silly girl.

Sleepy Thatchie.

A visit with Miss. Gwendolyn and baby Jack.

Connor and Sam singing the ABC's to baby thatcher. He loved it.

Getting ready for bed in his new sharky bathrobe.

A few gymnastics pix.

Baby Leila and Baby Jack joined us for a foodies dinner.

Holley and little Leila sharing some love.

Marina's flourless chocolate cake and not pictured Marina also brought homemade coffee gelato.

I made a San Fransisco cioppino with halibut, shrimp and snow crab.


This was our 1st foodie dinner club. We all love cooking and sharing (in my case stealing) yummy recipes.

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