Wednesday, January 12, 2011

new year, new school

Last week Connor started at his new preschool. Samantha one of Connor's best friends goes to school there and he is thrilled to be at the same school. He did have a few tears the 1st few times but after only 3 days he seems to have adjusted. So much so that when I told him I was proud of him for not crying on Monday he said "Yeah, I didn't miss you at all!"... (that's one way to put it).
I told him his goal for the day was to make one new friend and so on Thursday he made one new friend :-) then Monday another new friend. Pretty soon he will have lots of new friends at school. I've had a chance to meet some of the students and they seem really nice and friendly. Connor also seems to like his teacher and the other teachers at the school. Another big plus is that it's on the way to daddy's work. Daddy is looking forward to having the opportunity to take Connor to school, which he didn't have at the last school because of logistics.

Have a great year at preschool Connor! We are so proud of you!

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