Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

This Memorial Day weekend was busy with lots of fun activities. Picnics, parties, dates, BBQs, dancing, bike riding etc.

Chris and I had a brunch date at Cafe Stella my new favorite restaurant for day dates and family dinners. The food is delicious, the atmosphere is pretty and the service is great.

Baby Jess is growing bigger and so is my big belly. We are 24 weeks!

As soon as the camera comes out so do the silly faces.

Can you guess where Connor gets it?


On Sunday we attended a birthday party for Connor's preschool pal Konrad.

Blowing up the giant balloons with a pump and letting them shoot all over was great entertainment.

My handsome boy.

Connor is always happy to chase the girls around.


We attended our 2nd annual Memorial Day BBQ at our friend Holley's. She grilled up quite a spread for us and it was delicious! Absolutely the hostess with the mostest. Thank you Holley.

It was a little too windy for swimming in the pool but the kids were happy to sit on the edge and splash their feet.
Little Thatchie was so happy to sit with the 'big kids' on the side of the pool and splash his feet in the water too.

Again my handsome boy.

The dads.

Victoria and Miss G.

My attempt at a patriotic cake. White cake with vanilla buttercream frosting and fresh berries from farmers market.

The boys digging in.

Some serious corn on the cob eaters.


We hit Shoreline park for some family time. Here dad is showing Connor the surfers.

Connor bombing down the hill on his tricycle which he informed us is a baby bike and he is a big boy so he needs a big boy bike. Chris and I both agreed. Looks like that's next on the list.

My sweet sweet handsome boy.

Even though Connor is a 'big boy' we cannot convince him that this is a baby swing...
However he still got some good pushes from dad.


We ended the weekend with a lovely picnic with our friends at the mission rose garden. Our 1st of the year and it was a prefect end to the weekend and start to the summer.

Bella being a good big sister and entertaining Leila.

Sammy and Bella sharing toys with Gwendolyn.

Sammy, Connor and Reese showing off their dance moves.

The mommies.

And the buddies.

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  1. Great pics! And I can't convince Sophia that little swing is for babies either. But that's okay..keeps her "little" in my eyes ;)


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