Sunday, August 28, 2011

Connor's Ladies

Connor is such a lucky boy to have such great babysitters. He adores Amber and tells her when he grows up he wants to be a babysitter just like her. It's so nice that he is thrilled every week when she comes to play. And Mom and Dad love that she sends us happy pictures of them while we are out.

And of course Veronica previously know as "Wonka" has a very special relationship with Connor. Veronica used to watch Connor and Samantha once a week but a year ago Veronica moved away for school. We were all so sad. Fortunately Veronica stays in touch and tells us when she is coming to town so she can watch Connor. Connor told us he missed Veronica more than anything. He wants her to live next door so she can be our neighbor and not have to drive here. It truly fills my heart to see Connor have such affection for and from the girls that watch him.

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