Sunday, October 9, 2011

A day in the valley

We spent a lovely Saturday in the valley. First we drove to Auntie Jessica's place then we strolled down the beautiful country road to Seeing Spots Farm. Seeing Spots is home to goats, turkeys, ducks, a zonkey (donkey zebra mix), a mule, a pot belly pig, and a giant tortoise and lots of miniature donkeys.

Connor and Zeyore, the donkey zebra mix...very interesting animal.

Buddy the goat.

Connor making buddies with Buddy ;)

Our friends Sara & Heath joined us as well with their daughter Clare and son David.
Here is Clare feeding the turkey; the kids also fed flowers to the giant tortoise. It was such a hands on experience for the kids. It was so much better than seeing them all behind fences.

We got to roam with the animals including this beautiful turkey and these crazy chickens.

Connor and Clare really enjoyed brushing the adorable mini donkeys. And you could tell these sweet animals loved the attention because if you walked away they would come over and nuzzle you.

What a couple of cuties.

Auntie Jess and David.

Baby Jess slept the whole time. She was so happy all day...maybe she's a valley girl at heart.

The ladies with little David.

My favorite picture.

Seeing Spots is also an apple farm with 12 different varieties of apple trees, so we did a little picken'.
It was really nice for the kids because the trees were small and the apples were low enough for them to pick with out needing help.

Another favorite picture.

I love my little cowboy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After we left the beautiful farm we drove into Santa Ynez for lunch at Panino and boot shopping for mom. I am in love with Connor's little cowboy boots and want a pair of my own.
It was a perfect day.

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