Saturday, November 19, 2011

Chris's Birthday Surprise

We surprised Chris for his birthday with a bowling party at Zodo's Bowling and Beyond. Chris was completely surprised!!!! We ate sliders, cheers with many drinks and had delicious cupcakes from Whodidily. Everyone bowled, laughed, posed for pix and had a great time. 

Connor helping dad blow out his candles.

Connor looking tall and cute, sporting his cowboy hat.

Beautiful & delicious cupcakes.

We had all of our Jessica's there...

Baby Jess did lots of sleeping. For the 1st half of the party you didn't even know she was there.

Matt and Bill talking baseball. 

Jess & Mike getting there game on.

Chris and Ken. Ken is a pretty serious bowler. 
Look out! 
Chris was thrilled that Uncle Terry and Grandpa were there.

good friends + bowling + drinks = good times
Yes we did lots of posing for pix.

Baby Jess got lots of love. When she was not sleeping Auntie Ronda AKA the baby whisperer held her. 
Grandma held her, Jessica held her and of course Mommy. She was a happy loved baby.

Connor loves to dress like Dad. They both looked pretty cute in there argyle sweaters and bowling shoes.

It was perfect that Grandma and Grandpa came down and got to celebrate Chris' birthday with us.

Happy Birthday Chris we love you!


  1. Sorry we missed it! Looks like fun!

  2. We had so much fun! Always nice to see the grandparents too!


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