Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

We are very excited for Christmas this year, Connor is looking forward to seeing Santa and making him some special cookies! The other day he said he wished Santa would deliver the presents really slowly so Connor would have time to get up stairs and see him. So cute!

 And we are so happy to celebrate as a family of 4! 

Picking out the tree is more of a challenge when you have a living room full of baby gear, so this year we opted for a smaller tree. 

 Connor was thrilled when we ran into Todd and the kids while picking out the tree.

 Practicing their funny faces...

My goodness this girl is a cutie!!!
And the finished product.
No, I do not let anyone help decorate the tree . . . yes I have issues. 
But I do let Connor put the star on :)


  1. I love your tree! I loved those Magnolias (is that what they are?) last year.

  2. I have issues too, but I do have a smaller tree for the girls : ) Oh, but I let David hang the lights : )

  3. They are magnolias . . . I just love the way they pop.

    And Jenn - Connor has his own small tree for his room that he gets to decorate with all his "special" ornaments :)


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