Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Week 2012

 We had a wonderful Easter week. Connor dyed eggs at school, had an egg hunt at school and made lots of Easter crafts. We had our good friend Holley over for dinner on Thursday. Then on Saturday we attended the Easter egg hunt at the club followed by brunch at one of our favorite weekend restaurants. THEN the best part was going to Holley's annual Easter party on Sunday.

 But 1st a few pix of messy Jessy. I can't stop taking pictures of her while eating. This face it too cute.

 Connor was excited to have Holley over for dinner he insisted on sitting next to her because he said he hadn't seen her in a LONG time. After dinner we got cozy on couch and did some drawing and read a story.
 Holley and I showing off our art work.
On a side note Connor did choose mommy's picture over Holley's... not that it matters Holley ;) :)

Holley brought pink tulips which were the perfect center piece.


The coolest dude!

 Bella, Connor and Leila looking super cute in their Easter outfits.

 I didn't get a great pic of Jessy's dress but it was just darling. I love my little lady and my handsome boy.

 Maggie, TJ and Connor patiently waiting behind the yellow tape for the hunt to start.

We love seeing the Delio's at all the fun events at the club.

 Connor and his buddy Ryan from school.

Todd made this awesome watermelon bunny. 
Meredith made this crazy peep cake.

Thanks Holley for a wonderful time! 


  1. it's nothing without friends!!!!!!!!
    PS you failed to mention the amazingly delicious dinner you made me. i wish i were eating it again right now! xoh

    1. you are right! life is nothing without friends and we're happy to count you as one of our closest.


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