Thursday, May 31, 2012

Moving to Europe?!

Yes we are moving to Europe. Network Hardware is sending us out so Chris can help manage the European offices. We will live in a small village in Northern Holland in an area called Het Gooi.
We took a trip out to visit both the London office and Amsterdam office. We determined that we are not city folk. And having a young family we'd be happiest in the county where the kids (Connor) can run and run and run. Here are a random smattering of pictures from our trip. I'd love to write a detailed account but life just got very very busy. Moving to Europe will be no small task and neither was this trip.

Here is Jess and her friend 6 month old Jessy. They took turns waking each other up during the 10 &1/2 flight over.
Connor did much better except while he was sleeping he kept trying to cuddle the strange man sitting next to him. Gross!
The babies in their sky cots.
She did much better here in dads arms.
Mother's day at a true British pub outside London.
Chris rose to the challenge of driving on the right side of the car and the left side of the road.
We were all so jet lagged that the only way to get this kid going was to introduce him to the real thing. 
Shopping at the only store that was open at 5:50pm. Mark's and Spencer.
I wish I had this for Holley's Derby party.
Dinner in South Kensington. It rained while we were having dinner outside but we were still warm and dry. In England they are always ready for the rain.
Good morning London.
Snuggled up for a nap.
Baby Jess was so cute and good at dinner that night. She actually fell asleep right in the high chair. I ended up transferring her to her stroller and she stayed asleep.

We had a great dinner with Neal at a restaurant by the river.

To be continued.


  1. So thrilled for you and your family! David and I loved our trip to Holland. Welcome home!

  2. I'm fiiiiiinallly going through these pictures. They are all so cute!


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