Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our little town of Blaricum

We are slowly getting things sorted out here and getting to know our little town, Blaricum. We are all set up on bikes now. Connor, Jess and I have been riding around town everyday. This weekend Chris joined us for the 1st time and we biked down some very beautiful and charming country roads. And yes baby Jess is going sans helmet for now. She has a bit of an odd shaped head and none of the helmets fit her properly and she just screams and screams when she has it on. So I caved and took it off and she is much happier. I'm thinking of bubble wrapping her head in the future. LOL

Clearly she is comfortable on the bike because she's fallen asleep while riding several times. Sweet little bug bug.

Connor thought it was so fun feeding the deer in the park. They are so gentile, they really just nibble the food right out of your hand.
Sadly we found out you are not allowed to feed them :( so that was our last time. We still go and visit them.

Just slipping in a cute one ;)

Every Friday there is a great outdoor market here with fresh fruits and flowers.

We see lots of these really cool bikes here. It's a great way to tote the little ones. 
Maybe in the future you'll see me riding one of these.

My friend Alyssa and I enjoyed a few glasses of wine at the "Rust Wat". It's a lovely restaurant right on the pond where the ducks come right up to your table. Chris and I walked there for dinner on our 1st date night in Holland. The food was excellent and it was  lovely to walk through the woods to dinner. (the way home was a bit creepy walking in the dark in the woods...I was waiting for someone in a hockey mask to jump out at us. Hopefully I'll get used to it and I think I'll bring a flashlight next time. 

An impromptu game of Tball. Glenn was dropping Chris off after work and was talked into a quick game of tball with Connor. 
Side note: Dear Paskin family, thank you again for the tball set you gave Connor for his 5th birthday. We use it almost everyday! Great gift. - Love & miss you guys.

The Blaricum fair started last weekend and goes until Wednesday night. Connor and baby Jess enjoyed the bounce house. Connor wanted to try this crazy water rocket ride but he was too small, probably for the best. He still had a blast.

My next post will be from Cologne, Germany, so stay tuned.


  1. Loved reading your post, keep up the updates!

  2. I am so tickled by your photos and update! Aren't the outdoor markets great? I loved the cheese and meat ones, oh and the bread ones too. Keep on living it up! xo

  3. Love the bike La, you're a natural! Hey, when we come do you mind if I sit on the handle bars while you peddle? It looks like we could fit about 3 per bike, no?

    1. Of course you can ride on my handle bars. Chris does all the time ;)


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