Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Paris at Christmas time . . .

I dreamt that I was in Paris for the holidays and it went like this . . .

Upon arriving I visited the Eiffel tower.

I saw beautiful lights all along the Avenue des Champs Elysées.

Admired the Arc de Triomphe on a rainy evening. 

Made sure Jessica was cozy cozy button nozy.

Yes Chris has a beer in his hand, per usual, and why not when they are serving them from stalls all up and down the Champs.

Jessica and I watched Chris and Connor on the kiddy roller coaster at the Christmas Market.

Then I did a little shopping with Jessica the helper.

Where I gawked at the beautiful tree in the Galeries Lafayette, what a stunning department store!  Oh, and stunning prices...$2500 jacket anyone... that's not in my H&M budget!

The ferris wheel at Place de la Concorde had me in a trance. 

A neat surprise was that every window in the apartment we stayed in had a partial view of the Eiffel Tower. 

Paris is called the city of light for a reason. 

We took lots of photos of the unique window displays at the Galeries Lafayette but the windows of the Printemps were actually a lot better but we ran out of time :(

Ah the view from the ferris wheel . . . in the morning there was no line but at night it was a sea of people. I'm sure it was an amazing view at night and worth the wait but not in the rain with 2 small children. So we enjoyed the morning view. 

I bet this place looks incredible when it snows.

Everybody loved the ferris wheel ride! Typically Chris and I feel a bit unsettled dangling way up in the air but the view of Paris and just being in Paris was far to exciting to feel nervous about heights.

Happy! Happy! Happy!

Pretty neat view of the tuileries jardin.

The Christmas market was like a big party and lots of fun for kids. Connor got to ride this little 4 wheeler, go ice skating, ride a ferris wheel, a carousel and a roller coaster. I'd say a pretty good day for a 5 year old.

ice skating with dad = happiness (must run in the family)

Ice skating in Paris! Yes this must be a dream!!!

And hello to you sassy snowlady. HA!

This was Connor's 2nd time on the ice and it was neat to see the progress he made. I wish I could take him all the time, I know he would pick it up really fast.

At the Christmas market you could order prosecco or beer and just walk down the street drinking while shopping and trying all the french goodies.  A macaron and a glass of prosecco  . . . that's my kind of street food.

And of course they had Connor's favorite street food crepes.

Au revoir Paris until we meet again.

Joyeux Noel


  1. This is just not fair! I'm green with envy over your Christmas trip to Paris (but so so so happy for you) :) Joyeux Noel!

    1. Good then my plan is working . . . if you get envious enough I figure you will get on a plane and come visit me :)


  2. C'est parfait!

    Happy holidays to you and your family, Laurie.


    Dana & co.

    1. Dana, Thank you for the holiday wishes and the beautiful holiday card. Your family looks so happy. France looks good on y'all :)


  3. So jealous! My favorite city in the world! Merry Christmas!

  4. Wow, you are definitely living the dream for all of us! Where are the photos where the kids are crying and Chris is throwing one of his tantrums? Haha. Beautiful shots, love it. Merry Christmas Stone family!

    The Ferrones

  5. Ahhhh...could you imagine our weekly walks with prosecco and macaroons instead of Starbucks?? ;)


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