Monday, March 11, 2013

Life (Feb & March)

These are photos from my iphone from the last few weeks.

Jessy loves to be outdoors and we've had a bit of decent weather lately so we've been outside quite a bit! 
She loves to walk around the garden, she loves kicking the ball, pushing her scooter and just being out.

I just really loved the light in this photo.

Connor and I made valentine's cupcakes. Connor made all of the toppers himself.

Jess loving on him as always.

He had a class playdate where they made cookies.

Connor the card shark just kidding, it is so much fun playing cards with him.

Sassy Jess looking a bit French :)

This is her pucker face. She is a kissing machine. So damn cute!

  Um just in case anyone was wondering Holland gets snow regularly.

And what do you know after 7 months of living here I was informed of a secret starbucks. Which is located in a small office building that you would never enter unless you had an office in there or in my case have a girlfriend who has an office in there.

This is a terrible picture but this is how my kids are in the car: always eating and holding hands. Jessica insists on holding hand with Connor. I mean it she will fuss and grunt until he reaches over and takes her hand. Sometimes we keep offering her things only to realize she just wants Connor's hand . . . so sweet.  

Connor can be very tolerant of Jessica. I'm sure that's not too comfortable on his back.

Jess copies EVERYTHING Connor does. She was not in a timeout here but she had to copy Connor.
Too funny. (Sarah I know you'll  get a chuckle out of this one).

Wanting to be just like dad.

What a good boy! Connor helping dad clean my car just before I backed into the front steps and broke my taillight...grrrrr.

YAY - I have my new plates! I'm legit. 

And a day date with Chris. We had a lovely time enjoying lunch at Blaer (my new favorite spot in the village). A beautiful atmosphere and delicious wine and food and coffee. 

I know I am ALWAYS bitching  whining about the awful food here in Holland (yes for the most part it really is that bad) but we did have a very lovely lunch and photo worthy dessert.
So so yummy!

And salted caramel. Too good! 

And we found the piece of art I have been dreaming about for months.
Purchasing this piece was such a joy. I got to meet the artist herself (Monica le Conge Kleyn) such a charming and talented woman. Her daughter has a interior design shop (DE CAMER) with beautiful pieces from all over the world and her mother's paintings fit in perfectly with the collection. 
My new art piece is sitting on my kitchen counter so I can admire it all day. I really am over the moon about it. Every time I look at it I smile.

And snow again . . . when will it end. HA. 

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