Wednesday, July 10, 2013

7 Days, 7 Countries for the GSF (the revised route)

On July 18 we will be embarking on a journey across 7 European countries in 7 days spreading awareness about SMA and helping raise funds for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation. Below is beautiful Gwendolyn and a few of her best buddies including Connor.

Our goal is 3 fold:
  • Spread awareness about SMA....the #1 genetic killer among young children.
  • Raise MONEY for the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation's research, advocacy, and support programs!! Please click here to DONATE.
  • Teach our children that life is composed of many events (good and bad) and its not those events that make up who you are as a person, but how you react to those events.  Bill and Victoria Strong (the parents of Gwendolyn and founders of theGSF) are a symbol of how we should all lead our lives and that if you get knocked down, we can get up tomorrow and keep moving forward to inspire and make a difference.


Below is the route of the 7 countries, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy and Monaco that we will be visiting. Feel free to follow our journey via Facebook (Laurie Stone). 

Note: Origonally we were only going to visit Geneva in Switzerland and hike near there but I was really dreaming about visiting Zermatt Switzerland and seeing the famous Matterhorn. When we added Zermatt our route to Monaco changed to go through Italy. So we are swapping a stop in Germany for a stop in Italy.

For more information on the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation go to

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