Monday, September 30, 2013

The Good Life

We have been busy beavers lately. Celebrating birthdays, fighting over homework (hopefully will have this worked out soon), soccer, swimming, hiking, volunteering at school, dining and catching up with lots of friends.

Chris and I had a wonderful dinner at the El Encanto Hotel for my Birthday. 
Thank you love for a wonderful evening.

Jessy being a character per usual. She really kills me.

Dress up :)

Pretty ballerina. Having a girl is really like having a live doll to dress up every day. It's so much fun! 

We had a blast at the Depeche Mode concert with Mike and Maria.
Thanks for a super great time guys.

 My sleeping beauty.

Connor is always at school so I don't have many current pictures :(
But here he is starting his homework. 

Movie star material.

Jess' first trip to the zoo with out big C. Normally she is locked into the stroller at the zoo because she can't keep up with C and his pals. So it was a big day for her . . . we just roamed around with her friend Chase who also just turned 2. They had a blast! 

We celebrated Jess' birthday with a small party at the house after Connor got out of school one afternoon. It was so great to be home celebrating with friends. She is a very lucky girl! 

Relaxing in the front yard and watching the kids play on a beautiful Saturday evening.

Check out Connor's new smile . . .  
he lost 2 teeth the other week and he has 2 more loose. 

Chris and I took a hike up the San Ysidro trail . . . ALONE and it was so quiet and peaceful and beautiful too.

 Celebrating Bella's birthday at the beach with lots of fantastic ladies.

What can I say? She is so stinking cute! 

Connor and the girls. Happy Birthday Bella.

And check out that cake! pretty amazing! 

Happy happy days.

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