Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas in SB

What a fantastic holiday season! Catching up / celebrating with friends, lots of great food, fun parties, dressing up, decorating, shopping, driving around looking at lights and sings Christmas carols with the kids.
Christmas Time = Happiness

It made us all happy every day to drive up to the house and see it all lit up. 

The Deakyne's sweater party was hilarious! Thanks for including us Tim and Jenny. xoxo

It was fabulous to catch up with my old trainer Chanda whom I had not seen in years.

I'd say we clean up nicely :)

Very classy lady drinking beer out of a bottle at a cocktail party.  Hee hee hee

The ladies at Holley's annual holiday soiree.
Thank you for a lovely lovely evening Holls! xxox

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas.

Chris, Jessy & Mike.
Happy Birthday Mike! It was great celebrating with you and your beautiful family.

 Connor, Noah and Taj.

Connor and big 'D' (Declan Ferrone). Connor is quite taken by Declan it's like the guy is a super hero. 
Having known Declan since he was Connor's age I could not think of a better guy to look up to.

Christmas morning the kids had a blast discovering all the wonderful gifts left by Santa and the family.  

We spent the afternoon playing on the beach. It was a spectacular day!

And a great end to Christmas was spending the evening with the Fallons.

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