Saturday, April 12, 2014

more fun photos from the last few months . . .

 Connor being a great big brother pushing Jessy on our walk.

This is the view from the walk we go on near our house. . .  I love seeing the mountains and looking down on the neighborhood below.

Sunny lunches on the deck during spring break.

I took this pic because I thought the low thick clouds look like a blanket below the mountains. 

Fun evening at Holley's . . .  
Man I miss her already!

Daddy letting the kids help with dinner.

Connor helping me keep Jessy calm and misted when she had Croup. 

Snuggling up with my favorite boy! I cannot believe he is almost 7!

 I turned around while driving and this is what I saw . . . Jessy just staring at me while hanging out of her carseat. Creepy and dangerous.

Roasting marshmallows with the kids is a favorite evening activity.

And relaxing with a glass of vino by the fire is also a favorite activity. 

more to come . . .

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