Monday, September 15, 2014

Jessy turns 3!

Lucky girl had 3 birthday celebrations for her 3rd bday.

Jessica's first preschool celebration at Good Shepherd.  Always a ham!

 We had Jess' birthday dinner at Arigato. So fun and so yum!

Jess really likes using the chopsticks.

My handsome boys. 

I love this little monkey so so much. 

Picture by Jessy.

Green Tea ice cream for dessert. Happy happy 3rd birthday indeed. 


We had a big party at Padaro Grill in Carpinteria. It was a bit of a disaster because all the tables with shade had already been taken and it was about a million degrees out. Yikes! But Jess and the kids had a great time and that's all that matters. We were thrilled so many friends came out to celebrate with us. 

I was pretty happy with the way Jess' birthday banner turned out thanks to the help of my awesome neighbor Brenda and Sophie. 

Don & Ellie

  Jill, Brenda & Ronda

 Samantha and Thatch gave Jess an awesome scoot bike with a sparkly pink paint job from Todd. It was a HUGE hit! Thanks Fallon family!

The mommies. 

Jessy asked for white cake with flowers on top, my kind of girl.

Happy Birthday my sweet sweet girl. You give us all 'Happy Hearts'! xoxox

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