Saturday, July 18, 2015

We are making every day of summer count!

beautiful beach days

sand castle construction

enjoying the zoo with friends

surfing down the ant hill

gorgeous walks from our house to the bluffs and beach

drinking pina coladas on national pina colada day

 rock collecting

paddling boarding

  lots and lots and lots of boogie boarding

Connor rippen it up

salty chris is a happy chris

little beach babes

jessy bombing down the street on a skate board

neighborhood picnics

connor started sailing camp

which means jess and i get a morning walk by the beach every morning

special lunch with connor after camp

connor practicing his kicks in his martial arts class

goofing around with chase

roaming sb 

more beach days 

more walks to the bluffs

jess in mini muscles class

fun fun fun at the pool

sporting her workout gear

catching baby lizards . . . . what summer is all about

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