Monday, April 27, 2009

Connor's Birthday Weekend

Saturday morning we had Connor's 2nd birthday celebration at
Steven's park. It was an absolutely beautiful day. There was sunshine,
family, friends, balloons, bubbles, mimosas, burgers, presents and
lots of smiles. It was perfect!!!! Thank you all for sharing in this
special occasion with our family.

Getting a birthday smooch.

In between outfit changes, sharing a burger with the camera.

Running into Eli "Kaboom"!

Day 2
Sunday morning we took Connor to Cathedral Oaks
for a morning of water melon and splashing at the pool.Then we had a wonderful picnic at the mission rose garden with
our friends the Paskins. It was really quite eventful. Reese choked on a grape, Zuki ran into traffic & Connor hit Reese. But really it was way more relaxing than it sounds.
A few bottles of wine, some yummy snacks and perfect weather.

I don't think we could have asked for a better birthday weekend for our special boy.

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