Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Connor's Easter Weekend.
"On Saturday morning I attended my 1st Easter Egg Hunt at Cathedral Oaks".

"Wahoooo that bunny is HUGE!"

"Run for your lives!! Bella RUN!!! Save yourself!!!!"

"I like this Bunny much better."

"Daddy showed me the importance of checking each egg for goodies!"

"Later that day, Dad & I decorated Easter eggs.
We ate half of them! Mmm! Yum!"

"The Easter bunny left me a nice basket full of great presents."

"On Easter Sunday, Mike, Maria, Declan and cute little Eva came over for Easter brunch.
I had so much fun with Declan and love the baby."

"Eva slept most of the time, but she hung out a little bit toward the end."

"Here I am wearing my sweater vest from Grandma. Aren't I cute!"

"The Fallon's invited us for Easter Dinner.
Sam and I sat at our own table."

3 for me, 1 for you, 4 for me, 2 for you......

"Here I am teaching Samantha how to read."

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