Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lynden, Washington 09'

This past weekend we flew up to Lynden, Washington to visit the Rice family. Chris's sister (she feels more like my own sister) Annemarie, brother in law Stephen and their daughters Gracie (three and a half) and Katie (almost 2). We had lots of fun in the short time we were there. Our visits with their family are always way to short.

Silly boys on the plane. Connor was an absolute champ traveling both there and back. We were very impressed & relieved! This was Connor's 1st trip with his own assigned seat.
It was a big deal for him to have his own space and feel like a big boy.
I think it helped him act like a big boy as well.

Daddy, Katie and Annemarie pose for a pick.
Katie drove the gator all over the yard always smiling for the camera and
never watching where she was going. It was very comical!

Connor rather push the gator than ride it.
Go figure.

Auntie lala getting a hug from my beautiful niece Gracie.

The weather was so beautiful, we ate most of our meals alfresco.
It was wonderful.

Instant best friends.

Connor and Katie quickly developed a close bond.
They would have full conversations that only the two of them seemed to understand.

The two loveys chased a duck on the golf course together.
So cute, makes me almost cry.

Uncle Stephen letting the kids "help" put the new fire pit together.

The human trampoline.

Roasting marshmallows around the completed fire pit.
The 1st night we let the kids stay up until 10:30pm and they all did great.
It's a bit tricky getting them to bed on time when the sun stays out so late.
It was light until about 9:30 or 10:00.

Annemarie and Stephen

Katie telling Connor all about the stars. Again so cute, I could almost cry.

Good times in the bath.

Muscle man Chris making breakfast Sunday morning.

Gracie doing a little dance.

Connor and Katie rode in the double on our walk to the park.
They were tickling each other and giggling.
I loved watching all the kids play together.

Still more to come...

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