Thursday, October 22, 2009

Visiting the family in Sacramento Oct 09

It's always nice to visit with family but this time was especially
fun because now the kids all play together. Here are
Natalie, Gracie, Andrew, Connor and Katie all having lunch together.

Chris' brother Matthew has these huge amazing redwood trees in their yard. He is in the process of building his little princess a tree house. Connor loved it up there! And when Uncle Matthew told him to look for monkeys jumping onto the roof of the house, Connor's eyes got big as saucers and he said "That's Crazy".

Chris and Matthew.

Katie A.K.A. "Katie Bug"

Miss Gracie, already a very independent girl.

Baby Andrew. He just turned one. This child did not make a peep the entire visit.
He must be the most mellow kid I've ever met.

Connor and Natalie AKA "Naddy" at least that's how Connor says it.
At 4 turning 5 soon Natalie is the oldest cousin and therefor the celebrity.
The cousins all want to be around her and vie for her attention. It's so much fun to watch.
When Natalie was younger she was very shy. Now she is super outgoing and engages all the kids.
She includes everyone and shares everything. She is such a good example for all the cousins.
Connor just adores his cousins.

On the way home Connor kept saying "No home, Grandma's, Naddy's house"

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  1. This is the first pic I have seen of Baby Andrew. What a cutie. He looks just like Natalie or should I say Naddy.


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