Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 09

Halloween with kids is Awesome!!!

Thursday night Connor and dad work on their pumpkins.
They both did a great job but I have to admit I really liked the glitter Connor used.

Friday evening we went to a Halloween festival at Cathedral Oaks.
Connor the dragon and Eli AKA Buzz Lightyear.

Jaime, Mommy, Molly, Bella and Connor had so much fun winning prizes and face painting.
I won 3 hours of personal training, Connor & the girls won markers, yo yo's and lots and lots of candy. Chris even won a pitcher of beer. We all made out like bandits.

Connor's 1st time having his face painted. He asked for a car.

Halloween Night

We went to the Paskin's for fun and as always gourmet homemade treats, before we headed out for trick or treating.
The kids were surprised by adorable Halloween gift buckets from the Strongs complete with the coolest Halloween rubber ducks that were so popular with the kids, I thought there might be blood shed.
Connor and Bella were showing Gwendolyn their great loot.

The cutest ladybug I have ever seen.

We had a pigglet, a scary dragon, 2 bumble bees and a ladybug. And amazingly they all sat for a picture together. I have to say these are the cutest darn kids.

The Bee keeper Phil, Marina with the beehive & little bumble bee.

I will say that trick or treating with Connor for the 1st time will be one of my fondest memories.
I've never seen the kid so happy. It was magic to see him charging down the street on a mission. He knew what he wanted and where to get it. Connor practiced saying "trick or treat" over and over again in the car on the way to the Paskin's. This kid meant business.

After trick or treating we went back to the Paskin's and let the kids go crazy and man did they. They were bouncing off the wall or really the furniture. Reese, Sam and Connor took turns jumping off the ottoman onto the dads like WWF wrestlers. What a great memory.
And when we got home surprisingly even after all that candy he went to sleep no problem.
Oh Halloween, I will miss you.
Until next year my new 2nd favorite holiday.

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