Friday, April 23, 2010

Connor's 1st Movie

Well that should say 1st movie theater experience because we all know he has watched the movie Cars at least one million times. But this was our 1st time to the movies and it was great. We watched the new Disney movies Oceans and Connor did great! The movie as you can guess was about the ocean so there was nothing scary or violent. The footage of the humpback whales alone is reason to go. Its just amazing. Connor was so excited to be going to the movies. He talked about it all day.

Connor and dad played video games before we went in to the movie. It's so nice that Connor doesn't need money to play and he thinks he wins every time :)

To prepare for the movie Connor and I spent the morning at the sea center. We brushed up on our sea creature knowledge so we'd be fresh for the movie. We spent about 1/2 hour at the touch tank holding sea stars, hermit crabs and sea cucumbers. Connor was the only one there and got lots of attention. The girl working there was very impressed that Connor was using words like camouflage and predator talking about the crabs.

He helped to pull up the crab basket but it was empty :(

Then he gave me a great puppet show.

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