Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dinasours and More

This weekend we took Connor and Samantha down to LA to the Natural History Museum to see some dinos. Connor is a HUGE dinosaur fan and he and mommy are becoming pseudo dinosaur experts. We thought it would be more fun for Connor to have a little buddy along for the ride down so Sammy came along. Connor and Sam were both angels on the ride down, just quietly watching movies. At the museum both kids liked seeing all the animals and the dinosaur skeletons. However when it came to the "dinosaur encounter" show Sam was terrified and Chris had to take her out of the room. Connor was frightened as well but I explained that it was really a person in a costume and he seemed to be okay. I personally thought it was great!

Did some good running around on the playground outside museum before getting back in the car for the long ride home. Which was hilarious Connor and Sam laughed, sang and screamed most of the way home (the fun kind of screaming not the bad kind). There is nothing better than the sound of laughter. It is so much fun to have two kids that are just two little buddies.

Connor was so happy to have Sam spend the night. I was surprised how fast they fell asleep because they were totally crazy for story time.

Breakfast at the new breakfast bar.



  1. OK, i think i would be scared of the dino "encounter" too! but i completely adore what good buddies these two are. and i must say your breakfast nook looks awesome!!!! hope you're enjoying your new kitchen! xoh

  2. I found your blog on Blogger and would love to get your perspective as a parent on my new web site that I'm hoping will help families streamline their enrichment activities planning process. (I'm hoping you've got comment moderation on that this will just end up an email to you vs. an actual post!)

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