Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hawaii Part 1

You would not believe from that picture that Connor was ever sick that day. Earlier that day on our flight over about mid way over the pacific ocean Connor had a fever of 102, he had an accelerated heart beat and could not keep his head up or his eyes open. He was sweating profusely and I had NEVER seen him like that before. Earlier that morning I had given him some benadryl to help him sleep on the ride to LA and hopefully the flight over. As suggested by our pediatrician I gave the benadryl a test run on Wednesday and all we fine. However on the flight it was a different story. Chris and I were so worried we had the flight attendant page a doctor. Dr. David a very nice cardio pulmonologist came to the rescue. He took Connor's temp and checked his pulse. He confirmed that he thought he was probably having an adverse reaction to the benadryl. We gave him some asprin and kept begging him to drink water. He had not wanted to eat or drink anything for hours. But by the end of the flight he was standing on his seat and telling everyone "I feel all better, I'm not sick anymore". The flight crew was amazing and everyone around us was so kind. He gave us such a scare. I'd have preferred a 5 hour tantrum to that any day. That's the last time he has any benadryl. Fortunately he's been fine ever since and we've been having a blast!!!!!!!!!!!

Next morning he had the breakfast of champions before hitting the pool.

This is the big pirate ship in the kids pool, that Connor liked to captain.

The big kid pool...

Chris and I love the water slide. It must have been 20 years since we were last on a water slide, man are we old. Connor was too small for this slide and he had no interest in it either.

The Luau

Monday night we attended the Luau at the Hyatt. I was so impressed with Connor because the Luau from beginning to end is 3 hrs long and he stayed in his seat or on our laps the entire time. We all loved the performance, how can you not love fire dancers. And there was one dancer in particular that was very sweet to Connor he waved to him from stage and then when they carried the Hawaiian princess through the crowd he said "hey handsome". That just melted mommy's heart. After the luau Connor was a sleepy bug and slept on Chris' shoulder all the way back to our room.

The water outside of our hotel was just beautiful.

Connor enjoyed watering the plants and the flagstone.

The view from our room.

The 1st few days Connor skipped his naps so he was very sleepy by dinner.

We found an amazing secluded beach with a rope swing and a great tree to climb on. The water was so warm and clear, I could have stayed on that beach all day. But we eventually had to leave to eat :(

To be continued . . .


  1. Oh my! That is quite a start to your vacay! It looks like you're all having a blast though now. I love the swinging La La pic! New bag????

  2. It was quite a start and I tell you I'd never been so worried but he really did make such a speedy recovery after just a little aspirin. I like the swing pic too it was such a neat place. Chris and I are feeling very young on this trip. It's really brought out the kids in us.
    And yes it's a new bag :) Chris has been spoiling me rotten, seriously I don't know what's gotten into him. But I like it! We leave tomorrow night and I think I might cry.


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