Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hawaii Part 2

Warning these pictures may bore you or relax you. We had a list of suggested things to do in Maui but really all we wanted to do was sit by the pool and drink pina coladas, play with Connor, sit on beautiful beaches, play with Connor, take walks, eat good food, play with Connor and do a little shopping :) No emailing, no cleaning, no errands, no appointments except for spa appointments. Just relax, play and repeat.

Connor skipped his nap most days so here he is having his down time in the shade and watching a show on the iphone. Which after this trip I could write a commercial on how helpful the iphone is when traveling with a child. AMAZING.

Connor pretending to sleep in the hammock. It was the perfect nap spot and Connor and I layed there watching daddy surf one afternoon.

Just lookin super cute.

Daddy relaxing with a mai tai by the pool.

Beautiful sunsets.

Chris and I ate dinner while Connor ran laps on the grass across the way. He'd run a lap or two and come over to tell us "I just raced for a little bit" and off he'd go again.

Shaved ice by the pool was a big hit, now we need to fine a place to get shaved ice in SB.

Splashing, splashing and more splashing.

Taking a break after all that splashing.

Thank you iphone. Chris and I enjoyed a delicious and relaxing dinner while Connor watched max and ruby and looked at toddler books. It was fantastic.

Asleep at only 5:45pm headed to the airport.

The Maui airport was dead. Connor ran around and burned off his second wind before our flight home. He slept the whole way! It was a great way to end the trip. I highly recommend a red eye when flying with a toddler.

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  1. What a wonderful looking vacation! Glad you guys had a good time. Hope to see you soon!


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