Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another great weekend. . .

Santa Barbara has so much to offer and we try to enjoy as much as possible. This Friday evening we attended a pajama - wine tasting party at the club. Everyone was in jammies drinking wine, eating yummy sliders, splashing in the pool and chatting with friends.

Connor and Mommy in our jammies.

Catching air . . .

Daddy playing humpback whale for Connor.

Saturday afternoon we took Connor to Circus Vargas.
This was Connor's 1st time at the circus & 1st time having cotton candy. He loved both!

New lightsaber / disco stick.

We loved all the acrobatics and stomach dropping, death defying stunts.

Connor performing his own balancing act.

After the show we went to Your Place for dinner, which is our favorite Santa Barbara Thai food place.

Sunday we rode our bikes to the Alice K Park. It's one of Santa Barbara's prettiest parks.
We played frisbee, Connor played his own version of golf and of course a good old fashion game of airplane.

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